A little About us.

TCD is a Creative Digital outfit that specialises in shooting Beauty / Fashion / Event / Entertainment photography. We hope to refine these industries by providing high standard & world-class photographs. Some of our clients include Globacom Ltd, Glo Xfactor franchise , GTBank, Lanre Da Silva , Zaron Makeup Ltd, Evoque Magazine SL, Chocolate City Group, Loopy Music, Heirs Holding, Syndik8 Records amongst many others. We’ve photographed numerous A-list Artistes both local & international. We also use our images to spread a social message, participating in social causes.

The TCD Concept in brief.

// Think [thingk] verb,adjective,noun : imagine or visualize
// Cre·ate [kree-eyt] verb, -at·ed, -at·ing, adjective : bring into existence
// De·stroy [di-stroi] noun, verb: the complete life cycle of a greate idea !


Within the foundation and framework of any idea lie the seeds of its destruction. In order for an evolution of ideas to occur one must be able to destroy the previous codes and laws they are built upon and create something new.

We simply see this as the necessary process in the natural progression of very great ideas.

Think.Create.Destroy… the complete life-cycle of great ideas.
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For Bookings and Enquiries Please call or Text :
Nigeria :+2348130601277 | London: +447960800639 (currently offline).